Arcane Radio: KEEPIN' IT MOVING - VOL:1

by Paul Atkins
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<center>Arcane Radio: KEEPIN' IT MOVING - VOL:1


The first Monday of every month sees Arcane Radio back for another collection of awesome tracks from a mixture of great artists that are specifically selected to resonate with our brand ethos, message, and mentality; hopefully all the way through to you, our faithful brand ambassadors.  This month we are 'Keepin' It Moving' with a group of tracks that to be honest are just effortlessly cool, but without any doubt, a lot of hard work, sacrifice, supreme work ethic, and daily grind was put in to get the job done and see those bespoke ideas come to life!  These tunes and the artists behind them have what it takes, the drive and the passion to push on through and create something amazing for themselves and others.  This is the power we all each possess in our own unique ways, that enable us to go out there and excel in our particular fields, knowing that we will only get where we want to be through hard work, dedication and drive seeded within our mindset.

"No one said it would be easy and nothing comes for free, you have to work hard for what you want in this life; you constantly have to keep pushing forward and keep it moving."

Tracks on this playlist are just freakin awesome!  You will hear the likes of QOTSA, Lord Huron, The Blackwater Fever, Patrick Sweaney, The War on Drugs, Rival Sons, The Stone Foxes, Seasick Steve, Black Pistol Fire, and Silversun Pickups; making them the perfect soundtrack to accompany anyone out there pushing themselves above and beyond each and every single day.  So tune in, block out all distractions,  get into your zone and just... Keep. It. Moving!


As always, we thank you for taking the time out from your own hectic lives to follow our journey here at Arcane Bespoke, including these playlists.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do putting them together for you.   Please drop comments below or let us know directly what you think, or what you'd like to hear on any future playlists.


And remember, keep on pushing forward, no matter what - carry on Keepin' It Moving!


Paul & Siân - Arcane Bespoke

by Paul Atkins


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