Use our ‘Multi-Garment’ screen printing service to get more out of your design.

With Arcane Bespoke you can opt to split the single ‘Print-Run’ quantity of your design, across multiple screen printable garments and accessories, rather than via the traditional route of screen printing which requires an ‘MOQ’ print run for each individual product you want.


Just Look For The Logo!

How Does It Work?

Let’s say Jack is in a band. Jack and his band; The Beanstalks, really want some new, super cool, bespoke merch printed with their band logo on, so they can hope to sell it to the three blokes and his dog who just happen to be watching their next gig down at the local pub! They really wanted a selection of product types printed, such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, sweatshirts, maybe a few caps and they also wanted it all screen printed as they’ve heard that’s the best!

When going down the ‘traditional’ route of screen printing, their band logo print would have to meet the required printing minimum order quantity (MOQ) on EACH of those products! That could mean printing a minimum of 20x t-shirts, 20x hooded tops, 20x bags……you get the picture, it can become super expensive and unpractical, especially for Jack and his band who are pretty strapped for cash to say the least.

But what if Jack could split the ‘Print-Run’ screen printing of his band logo across multiple garments, as long as the chosen ‘Print-Run’ fits each product they want? Eureka! Jack has discovered our ‘Multi-Garment’ screen printing service. Now Jack can simply opt for the 'Beanstalks' band logo design to be screen printed in a ‘Print-Run’ MOQ of just one overall unit quantity (50 units in this case) and the clever part is now he can choose to split those 50 ‘Print-Run’ screen print units across our screen printable Multi-Garments.

Jack and his band are super happy as they’ve spread those 50 print units across 20 t-shirts, 15 hoodies, 10 bags and 5 caps.. Epic! In fact so epic, Jack may write a song about it….

See below for the super easy steps you need to take to turn your order into a ‘Multi-Garment’ one.